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September 4, 2017, Flo's writing

I played with the children of OTR'S: Mary "McCullough" Lafleur Ledoux and Catherine Day "Guillory”. My mother attended a one room school house in Point Blue, LA where she shared a desk with Christine Geitz Douget West,  OTR.

When I attended school in Chataigner,  Christine's son, Evan West, was my class mate.  I also knew Cornelius "Kelly" Dupre, OTR.  Once becoming an adult  I met , loved, and married Aloysius (AL) Jr. son of OTR Aloysius Inhern Sr. He shared and we discussed that part of his life.  In 1991 I attended a OTR Gathering and there were several still living and that day I started to interview with those that wanted to share their history of their lives.  Through the years I continued the contact with many and as they faded away, descendants were contacted and shared as much as they could.  Those contacts continue today and it has been a long hard journey, but so rewarding.  My hopes are that those involved will continue the journey so the history never fades away. I would say that this part of my life was in God's plans for me.  The journey hopefully will continue so the history of the NYFH is not ever forgotten.

Florella Marie Vige Inhern   2017

Flo's testimony, November 2017


"My knowledge of museum procedure was a volunteer at the Opelousas City Museum, attending conferences, and I purchased a book in order to gain more knowledge about museum procedure's and record keeping.

From 1991 through 2003 first a committee  was formed and then a cooperation where the many descendants worked together towards the society's own museum which became a reality 2009.

Today there is many of us who proudly share the knowledge of the museum."

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